søndag 30. desember 2012

Top 10 mixed (canvas, card, tags)

Here is the last of my top 10's. This time I'm showing my paintings, cards and tags. I just love the mixed media projects and will probably do lots next year! Thank you all for your kind comments during 2012 and I'm really looking forward to 2013, I'm sure it will be a fantastic year!!

first some canvases:

some cards:

and some tags

lørdag 29. desember 2012

Top 10 Art Journal 2012

Continuing to show some of the things I made this year and today I'll show some of my Art Journals.

Art Journal has been a new "beginning" for me and I just love the idea, especially THERE ARE NO RULES!!!

My journals are quite different, depends on my mood. Sometimes it's a rather personal page, sometimes a humoristic page and sometimes it's a page where I have been testing out different mediums and techniques. Just love it!! So here is my list:

fredag 28. desember 2012

Top 10 Layouts 2012

I have seen several blogpost about top 10 around lately and decided to make my own list. So here is my list of layouts I've made this year which I really like a lot.

A list of art journals etc will follow later.

tirsdag 25. desember 2012

Accordion stiched book med Dyan Reaveley

God jul kjære bloggvenner!
Håper dere hadde en fin julaften i går. Det hadde i alle fall jeg og min familie.
Ja, her er min bok, laget på kurset med Dyan Reaveley på Hobbykunst.
 Jeg har kun lagt til litt bilder og stemplet litt her og der. Samt fått med litt tekst.
Digger albumet og kommer helt sikkert til å lage flere slike. Kjekt å ha som et lite minialbum.

Merry Christmas to you all! Hope you had a great Christmas celebration (or to those of you not celebrated yet, hope you will have a lovely Christmas) 

Here is my accordion stiched book which I made in Dyan Reaveley's class at Hobbykunst. 
I have just put some photos (photos by Mette), some stamps and text in it. Loved the album and will for sure make more of those.

lørdag 22. desember 2012

A day with Dyan Reaveley

Onsdag denne uken var jeg på kurs med Dyan Reaveley på Hobbykunst. For en dag!!!
Tre helt fantastiske kurs med den fantastiske damen Dyan!!
Dette kommer jeg til å leve lenge på altså!!
Kommer litt bilder etterhvert av hva jeg laget, skal bare gjøre litt mer på det først.
Men her er noen bilder i alle fall, stort sett tatt av Mette.

Wednesday this week I had a fantasic day, one whole day, 12 hours with the one and only Dyan Reaveley!!
Three different classes and I had an amazing time.
Will share some of the things I made a bit later, just have to finish them a bit more.
But here are some photos from the classes, photo by Mette

A bit shy and nervous at first

coming closer

not sure I dare....

planning something ....

oh yeah!!!

what happened??

can you see that we had a great time?