onsdag 21. september 2016

New art journal

Here is a double spread in my new large  journal. This time a collage/Mixed media page

onsdag 14. september 2016

New art journal

Last Saturday I found this amazing book at a lokal fleemarket. It's a book with lots of woman magazines from 1946.

This is a kind of book I have been looking for for ages, for my art journaling. 

First page finished yesterday

I gessoed the page first because of the thin pages. The lady on the page is from the original page and here I used clear gesso. 
Filled the page with some acrylic paint and Gelato. 
Also used some of my newest stamps from Everything Art. Love the color wheels!

Hope you liked my post. This post was made from my cellphone, so I'm not sure how the post look.
Totally forgot to edit my photos as well :)