onsdag 28. november 2012

Hotel Gdansk

Var i Gdansk, Polen for noen uker siden med jobben.
Vi bodde på Hotel Gdansk, et utrolig flott hotell ganske så midt i byen.
Hele hotellet var pyntet i "Halloween-stil", gresskar, oransje lys etc.
Og på utsiden av hotellet sto det en gammel herlig sykkel som var skikkelig flott pyntet.
Måtte bare ta bilde av den!

Har brukt ark fra 7Dots Studio - Domestic Goddess "white apron", stickers fra samme serie samt alfabet stickers fra "salt & pepper" Ellers masser av medium, en eldgammel overlay-ramme, litt pynt fra Prima og Tim Holtz. Ulike bakgrunnsstempler og stensiler.

Some weeks ago we were in Gdansk, Poland. Stayes at Hotel Gdansk, a really great hotel located in the city.
The whole hotel was in "Halloween-mood", with orange candles, pumpkins etc.
Outside the hotel entrance I found this old charming bicycle, filled with Halloween decorations.
Just had to take some photos of it.

I've used pattern papers from 7Dots Studio Domestic Goddess "white apron", stickers and alpha stickers as well. Also a lot of medium, different products by Prima and Tim Holtz. Over the photo is a very old overlay-frame. lots of background stamps and stencil-work.

mandag 26. november 2012

Believe - card for 3rd Eye

Today I will share a card with (once again) the beautiful rose by 3rd Eye. I love the effect of whitewash, the cold and white with some hints of grey/black.
November is a very dark month here in Norway and particularly when the snow we got, rained away. So this card is to remind me of the white snow and the foggy mornings we often have.
3rd Eye Stamp: TES-020 rose

You have still plenty of time to join the challenge. Take a further look here

søndag 25. november 2012

Kurs på Mjøstreffet

Hei hei og god søndag alle sammen :) Jeg ble spurt om å holde kurs på Mjøstreffet her i Hamar i januar. Og klart jeg ville det!!
Så har du lyst til å lage noen fargerike tags, bli litt "inky" på hendene LOL? Hadde vært gøy å se deg der :) Mer info om kurset og hvordan du melder deg på finner du i Mjøstreffbloggen

lørdag 24. november 2012

Tag - Domestic Goddess

En ny tag, spekket med medium av ulike slag. Rester av ark fra 7Dots Studio Domestic Goddess collection. En metallramme som jeg har malt. Teksten fra 7Dots Studio

A new tag, filled with different medium. Bits of papers from 7Dots Studio Domestic Goddess-collection. Metal frame with some paints+medium. Text is also from the Domestic Goddess collection

mandag 19. november 2012

I love 7Dots Studio

Today is my day presenting some of my projects for 7Dots Studio


I still can't believe I'm so lucky to be on this amazing team. Everyone of the team members are uniqe and make so much awesome projects!
Thanks to the amazing designs by 7Dots Studio.
I'm totally in love with their designs and it's so fun to work with. From the rough and "wild" designs to the most soft and delicious.

So here are some of my projects for this month:

First I would like to share an art journal. I just love the ladies on the Collage-sheet and on this journal I knew I had to make something with some of them. So I made a double page with a group of ladies on one and a single on the other. It was not a personal page, I don't feel alone - quite opposite, I have so many lovely friends among me, specially in the crafting society. There is a lot of medium on these pages, gesso, inks, distress stains, paste etc. Love using medium with stencils.
Supplies 7Dots Studio:
Domestic Goddess - women's talk Collage - Fashionista
Stickers 6x12 Domestic Goddess
Stickers 12x12 Domestic Goddess

The next is a layout with our cat "Bamse"
Bamse is our 5 (or is it 6) years old cat. We love and adore him all of us.
He is rather shy and not the cuddling type. But he is one of the family and sometimes he is "lucky" to get some of the leftovers.
Like on this photo, licking empty the youghurt-box.
I've planned to make a layout of this photo for so long but hadn't had an idea on how to do it.
Not until I got some of the 7Dots papers, one of them just "shouted" - "do the Bamse with youghurt layout"! Lots of different mediums on thes layout as well, paste, gel, stencils etc.

Supplies 7Dots Studio:
Domestic Goddess - White Apron
Wonderland - Follow the Rabbit
Stickers 6x12 - Domestic Goddess
Alfa Stickers (words) - Wonderland

And the last thing I'll share with you today is a box.

My youngest daughter found an empty box in my crafting-room (previously filled with Prima flowers) and asked me if I could decorate this for her.
She wanted to keep some small treasures in that box. Of course I would , a gift for my daughter and creating with 7Dots at the same time - just perfect match!

I first gessoed the box and glued on the paper, both on the top and around the box. Scraped the edges and used black ink.

Supplies 7Dots Studio:
All I ever - Sandy Beach
Tag: All I ever - Elements
Stickers 6x12 - All I ever
Words: Alfa stickers All I ever - summer night

søndag 18. november 2012

It's my time! Tag

Today's tag, made with lots of medium, stencils, stamps. Image by 7Dots Studio - Domestic Goddess collection stickers and words.
The butterfly is from a download at Scraps of Darkness.

fredag 16. november 2012

Kongen spiser marsipan og sjokolade.... Lerret 30x30

I går var jeg på kurs med Vibeke Spigseth - Poppydesign på Panduro her i Hamar.
Vi skulle lage lerret, få et innblikk i hvordan Vibeke bygger opp sine flotte kunstverk.

Det var kjempegøy og veldig inspirerende. Har fått med meg masse fra kurset som jeg tar med videre i mine prosjekter!

Maling, pasta, stempler, utklipp, decoupagelim og lag på lag på lag.

Jeg klarer jo ikke å være helt seriøs jeg da, så da vi skulle finne motiv til lerretet var jeg med en gang i det humoristiske hjørnet.
Fant et utklipp i et gammelt svensk blad som Vibeke hadde med seg, av en eller annen svensk konge. Og teksten...den passet jo bare så godt da, den fant Vibeke i en av alle de gamle bøkene hun hadde med seg, jeg fant litt tekst selv og vips, så var tittelen der:

"Kongen spiser marsipan og sjokolade og eggepannekake med sukker og syltetøy" "Det er ganske klart, fullkommen klart" LOL

Yesterday I went to a class with Vibeke Spigseth- Poppydesign at Panduro here in Hamar.
A canvas-class.
We got to see how she built up here awsome paintings.
Very inspiring and really fun!
Paint, paste, stencils, stamps, gel and lots of layers.

As usual, I couldn't stay out of the humoristic path so my canvas is just funny.
Still laughing reading the lines on the canvas.
The photo is from an old Swedish magazine and is one of their Kings (can't remember who).
The text says something like this:

"The King eats marzipan and chocolate and eggpancakes with sugar and jam" "That's just obvious, perfectly obvious!

mandag 12. november 2012

It's my time

Ukens skisse hos Skissedilla falt jeg pladask for. Dvs jeg måtte jo snu litt på den da. Og jeg tok vel litt av mens jeg holdt på men tror den kan gjenkjennes i skissen likevel.

Ark fra 7Dots Studio - Domestic Goddess
Masse medium, paste, stempler, blonder, stensiler, tape, stickers, tissue paper etc.

When I saw the sketch at Skissedilla yesterday I just had to start it right away, I really loved the sketch (had to turn it around though).

Papers by 7Dots Studio: Domestic Goddess
Lots of medium, paste, stamps, masks, stickers, lace, tape,  tissue paper etc.

søndag 11. november 2012


Dem som forstår seg på slike ting sier det nærmer seg jul. Skjønner ikke helt hva de snakker om jeg LOL Uansett, her er en tag jeg laget på Trøndersaksa med en av julestensilene til Dyan.

Rumor has it that chrismas time is just around the corner. I'm not there yet but here is a christmas-tag for you. Used one of Dyans chrismas-stencils.

lørdag 10. november 2012

In the air - art journal

Har vært en tur i Polen, på jobbtur. Mest fornøyelse og litt møtevirksomhet.
Siden jeg lider av ganske heftig skrekk for å fly fant jeg ut at jeg skulle ta med meg en liten reisejournal. En liten mappe med noen washi-tape, et par penner og en liten bok. (bakgrunnen var laget på forhånd) Så høyt oppe i luften, i 10.000 fot satt jeg og drodlet, tenkte og "fortalte". Turen gikk jo fantastisk fort når jeg holde på da. Nå var det jo ikke mer enn litt over en times flytur til Polen/Gdansk men det var fortsatt en time i luften :D Fantastisk å se hvordan det er over skyene forresten :)

Just been for a business-trip to Gdansk/Poland. And I am really scared when flying. So I thought I should bring a little travel journal in my bag.
A few washi-tapes, a little journal (pages colored/stamped at home) and a black + white pen. Time flied in the air writing and doodling.

The text says something like this: Now I'm sitting in a plainon my way to Gdansk/Poland. It is true what they say: over the skies the heaven is always blue. In a few minutes we will be landing. Hope we managed to get down in one piece. Yes, I know we will get down -, but hopefully in a good way.
(and yes, we landed OK both in Poland and back in Norway LOL)

It was really a nice way to spend the flight-time enjoying my journaling. Time flied! (though, only one hour flying down and 1 1/2 home, not a long flight but long enough for me beeing so scared)

tirsdag 6. november 2012

Til far - DT Poppydesign

Til søndag er det farsdag og da må han vel få et kort vel? Her har jeg brukt de tøffe arkene til Vibeke Spigseth Poppydesign
Har også fått med meg barten, det er jo Movember ikke sant..

også et posekort til pappa. Tror neppe det er plass til et slips oppi der da :D

Ha en super kveld!!

lørdag 3. november 2012


Får forsøke å lande litt etter 7Dots offentliggjøringen :D Her er en LO jeg laget for flere uker siden men som jeg helt har glemt av. Yngstejenta kjøpte seg sjokolademaske og tok på seg både fotballgenser og badehette, herlig bilde og det måtte jeg jo scrappe.
Stjernene er fra 3rd Eye og farget med Dylusions inks

Trying to land after the news from 7Dots Studio :
Here is a layout of my youngest daughter with a chocolate-mask in her face. Gorgeous isn't she? :D
The stars is stamps from 3rd Eye and used yellow dylusions inks on them.