lørdag 16. mars 2013

Bring out the clowns -DT Art Anthology

Hi there, ready for a fun art journal?

My page, made for Art Anthology, with Sorbets and Colorations

Here I cut out an image from a magazine and did some doodling on her. A lot of stamping on the background with different kind of colored ink.
I used some Sorbets  -Rudy Pink and Baby blue eyes together with a stencil. And on the image as well.
Just dipped my brush in the sorbets and dipped on the image.
Marked  the sircles with a black and white pen.

The title, hihi, I just thought of clowns when I made the circles on her dress and then it had to be something with clowns. So this i just me – bringing out the clown(who is probably having fun inside my head)

2 kommentarer:

Randi Elisabeth sa...

Marianne, denne er bare helt inspirerende herlig altså. Digger all drodlingen, og hvordan du har brukt sorbet malingen :)

Anonym sa...

So So Awesome! Love your play on color! WOW!