torsdag 15. mars 2012

She said eat cake - art journal - Take the Second Floor

I'm following Nathalie Kalbach and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and their new project : Take the second floor.
It's all about challenge yourself and dare to go outside your comfort zone.
You can read more about it in Nathalie's and Julie's blogs.

The first challenge was: Golden acrylic paint.

Ahh... what a challenge and yes, not something I normally use in my projects. I've only used it on some boxes and an old book I believe.

Well, of to work - what to do????

And to be honest, I do not own golden acrylic paint in good quality. My paint is simple, cheap etc.
But anyhow, i DO own one and I knew I wanted to try this challenge.

So I paintet a couple of pages with this non-quality paint. Didn't look good at all.
OK - so what. Used some stencils together with black ink. Did look a bit better.

And then I came up with an idea. I recently downloaded a free picture of Marie Antoinette (from Salige Lavendel Thanks!!) .
I edited the photo, mirrored it and printet two copies.
Painted with golden acrylic and black gesso. Made some pattern with a barbeque-stick.

Marie Antoinette is famous for the words: Let them eat cake.
Just had to use that as well.

I also have a cupcake-stamp, designed by Vibeke Spigseth - Poppydesign. My only cake-stamp I believe and went a little wild stamping. Used some other acrylic paint on the cupcakes.

Found some grungeboard from Tim Holtz and she became queen LOL.

I can't say that I'm happy about my page, but it was quite fun to make. Sitting in my room laughing when writing the text.

What I learned during this process:
1. My golden acrylic paint is NO GOOD!
2. Golden acrylic and black gesso IS GORGEOUS!
3. I need a new and better black pen
4. Sephia phote on sketch paper goes green with my no good acrylic paint LOL
5. Using a barbeque-stick to make pattern in the mix of paint and gesso - I liked it!

7 kommentarer:

Jeanne-Sylvie sa...

Hello!What an energy in your page!Very interesting post!Thanks for sharing!

Linda Brun sa...

Fantastisk herlig side og kjekt å følge prosessen... Takk for at du deler, ønsker deg en fantastisk herlig helg!!!

sandi sa...

Oh this is really neat looking!

Nathalie Kalbach sa...

Thanks for playing with us :)
I love what you did with the photo - awesome! And lol about the acrylic paint with the photo going green. Your outcome is wonderful!

Eila Sandberg sa...

Herre jisses Marianne vad det är kul att läsa om dina experiment och äventyr bland färg och media!! Du öppnar upp en helt ny värld för mig. Pusspuss

Michelle Hernandez sa...

I really like the final effect! The texture from using the stick is FANTASTIC. I guess the paint went green because it's so thin so the black gesso shows through. I used Kaisercraft acrylic on my project and saw right away it wasn't as thin as what I saw Natalie use. I think your challenge project was very successful- insightful and beautiful.

Eniko sa...

Marianne, I love what you did here! The whole Mary Antoinette idea is pure genius and I'm crazy about your cupcakes...what a great sense of design! I also only had cheap gold acrylic paint and I used it in combination with Tattered Angel's Gold spray mist. I enjoyed using the gold, too. Great post!