søndag 13. oktober 2013

Art Journal - Fox

Well, I have to admit. It's not me finding that title for this art journal. It's the Norwegian duo - Ylvis.

The guys taking animal sounds to a level quite beyond imagination LOL

What does the fox say? Take a look at the video if you haven't yet, it's quite funny :D

Anyway, I didn't have that song in my mind playing with this journal. The background has been made over a long period, just mopping up some colors etc making other things.
I started to draw lines with the magic pencil Stabilo all and had a really good time, just drawing lines, turning out to be figures.
After seeing the video to the Ylvis brothers I kind of got a feeling that my page was filled with different animals and then the title came - "What does the fox say?"

2 kommentarer:

Randi Elisabeth sa...

Elsker fargene, figurene (revene) og tittelen :)))

sandi sa...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! This is sooo striking! Love it!