onsdag 21. januar 2015

Art Journals for CHA DT Art Anthology

Hi there, back with rest of my art journals pages, made in my homemade journal for Art Anthology for CHA.

Hope you stopped by the Art Anthology Booth if you visited CHA.

 Page 1
Another page with humour and sarcasm, just the way I love it

 Page 2
 This page is without words and meanings.
I just played with the colors and stamped images.
The flowers are colored with Colorations
 This is the middle of my journal, as you can see the thread and how the journal is mounted page

 Page 3
 Not very happy with these two pages, but so what, an art journal don’t need to be perfect.
 I wanted to use the image of the lady and use it in a dramatic way, but it didn’t turn out the way I had planned.
On the right side I have used stencil and Stone effects

 Page 4
Positive words from me. Stencils and colorations and a lot of stamping 

 Page 5
Love this color combo! 

Page 6
A page really not finished I think, but so what,
I had fun playing with it. 

 Page 7 (last page) 

 So, that was my complete journal (the first pages you can find on the blogpost from January 8th) Hope you liked it!


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