onsdag 27. februar 2013

The journey is the start of the adventure

Here is a page where I have tried a new technique. I have used salt (as in Maldon salt) together with Dylusion inks. Turned out rather ok I believe. First I sprayed inks on the paper (watercolor paper) and then took a lot of salt into the wet ink. Let it dry a while, till it was completely dry and then just brushed the salt away. Just wanted to try this for fun, to see how the salt reacted with inks. Lots of stamping on the background as well. The text is from one of the workshops I had with Dyan last year, we got a sheet with several of her text on.

4 kommentarer:

Berit sa...

ååå så fine farger og effekt det her ga! Må prøves ;)

Go' onsdag!

Randi Elisabeth sa...

Så kul effekt det ble:) brukte du helt vanlig salt? Denne siden var akkurat som en "sukkerbutikk" av farger hi hi, helt herlig :)

sandi sa...

Wow! Love this! Love the gorgeous colors!

Siv Anne sa...

Uuuutrolig lekre farger :)