onsdag 4. april 2012

I'm living in a crazy wild world and I love it! (AJ) Second Floor challenge#2

En skikkelig "kaos-side" fra meg. Bakgrunnen laget for lenge siden og er en side hvor jeg testet ut Distress Stains og splætter.
Så kom utfordringen fra Nathalie og Julie - take it to the 2nd floor, hvor man skulle bruke noe som var nytt, som var uprøvet.
Jeg fikk jo to plater med Dylusions-stempler her om dagen som jeg ikke har fått forsøkt ennå og da var det jo lett match :D

This background is made some while ago. Testing  Distress Stains on a page. And of course a lot of "left-overs paint". You can even see some golden acrylic here, from my last entry on the 2nd Floor challenge.
It was kind of crazy background with so much different colors so it's been laying in the bottom of my background-pile, not knowing what to do with it.

But when I saw the 2nd Floor challenge I knew I had to use just this one.
A few days ago I received my two (first) plates of Dylusions stamps ♥ Playful and gorgeous stamps. I wanted to try those on this background.

You might say the page is totally chaos. In fact - I did think so myself LOL
But anyway, I somehow like the page and espacially when I came up whith the title, then all was right for me. In some way the page reflects where I am at the moment, in a crazy wild world filled with colors and creativity ♥

I've used a tiny brush and Dylusions spray inks to color the white background, cause the page was filled with a lot of open white spaces.
Also colored some of the Dylusions stamps with brush and spray inks+water.

I also tried some of my new stamps on a tag and a sheet of glossy photo paper. I love the reaction between the photopaper, water and spray inks ♥ Just have to work very fast.

The tag. Dylusions spray inks and stamps:

7 kommentarer:

Yasmin sa...

Fy flate så stilig Marianne!! Utolig herlige farger!! du rocker!

Nathalie Kalbach sa...

love the crazy-ness- yeahhh - awesome colors and awesome piece :)

Pauline sa...

Helsmashing altså!!!

Eneste "minus" med disse sprayene er jo at de "smitter av" hvis man vil male eller bruke lakklim oppå.... men kule, det er de!! :-)

LindaBrun sa...

Kanonflotte... Måtte pinne disse også jeg :-))

sandi sa...

Oh wow! These are fab! Such creativity and so full of color!

Reiko sa...

Wonderful colors , your art work is so lively!Thanks for sharing!

Eniko sa...

Marianne, I love the idea of using glossy photo paper! I must try that! love your tags