mandag 28. april 2014

What a day! DT 7Dots Studio

This layout featuring 7Dots Studio is about my first (and hopefully not the last) meeting with Ania aka Finnabair! 
Such a sweet and inspiring woman!

What a fantastic day it was and I had the time of my life!!
She was in Norway teaching classes and I attended two of them.

One layout and one canvas.

The photo is after the layout-class outside the shop Bikuben.
And of course, had to use some of Finnabair’s own design – cold country on this particular page!

Have to admit that this layout is very much inspired by this class and I have used much of the same design and techniques. Even thoug I feel that I have my own personal touch on the page.

3 kommentarer:

Randi Elisabeth sa...

Kanonfin Marianne. Digger blåfargen og hjertene. Chipboarden og blomsten. Og de små tesktstripene. Som sagt, kaonfin :)

Jonna sa...

Denne var rålekker! Digger fargebruken, den kule bakgrunnen, og alle de lekre detaljene.

Hege sa...

Denne var helt herlig.
ELsker blåfargen og kontrasten mot det kalde grå og sorte.
Herlige detaljer.